Supposed Hacker arrested in UK on suspicion of committing DDoS attack on XBL and PSN

Another suspected member from the hacker group that took responsibility for the DDoS attacks on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live has been arrested the previous week by the police in the United Kingdom.

Kotaku reports that Vinnie Omari, a 22 year old person has been arrested by the UK police on a suspicion that he is connected to the hacker group Lizard Squad and is involved with the DDoS attacks on the Xbox Live and Playstation Network last Christmas Eve and Day. Once the UK police managed to get a search warrant based on his alleged connection to the Lizard Squad group and possible involvement in the DDoS attacks, all of his electronic devices and computers were seized by the police. Omari was also investigated for several PayPal frauds committed in the past two years. However, it appears that the PayPal accusations are not connected with the activities of the Lizard Squad group. Omari was released on bail and his first court hearing was on March 10. In his original statement for the media, he said that he has helped the group to organize the attack. Of course, the seriousness of the crime has been revealed and now Omari is denying any involvement with the group and that he did took any part in the cyber attacks, despite all of his previous statements.

PSN Hack

The cyber attacks occurred on Christmas Eve and Day and targeted both the PSN and XBL services to immorally offend those who had the holiday off and were trying to use the internet with their modern gadgets.

Couple days ago, in Finland another suspect was arrested for his assumed connection with the Lizard Squad. Apparently the arrested 17-year old was a spokesperson of the group. After he was detained, he also denied all involvement with the group and the cyber attacks done on the PSN Codes and XBL, and fiercely denied and disavowed all his previous actions and claims.

It is not strange to expect denial of any involvement to be a standard defensive stance of the suspects in the majority of the Lizard Squad related arrests.

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