PS4 + Subscribers can vote for upcoming Free PSN games

A major announcement was made by Sony when they have decided that they will allow Playstation Plus subscribers to vote for their free monthly games to download.

The news announced on the Playstation Blog said that in near future all PS Plus subscribers will have the option to vote for upcoming games to appear as Instant Game Collection downloads. In other words this means that the users will decide which games will be free. This received positive feedback because there is high probability for the games that will not make the list to have their prices decreased in the upcoming month. The option called “Vote to Play” will enable any Playstation Plus subscriber to choose from the multiple PS4 games list to appear as a part of the monthly Instant Game Collection (to be free to play).

Free PSN Games

Now even though this sounds great, this option still has some draw backs. It is not the first time for the Playstation Plus’ Instant Game Collection to offer such option. If fans get to decide which games will be available for free in the upcoming months will decrease the changes of some lesser known games to take the spotlight. For example, Rocket League has more than five million worldwide layers, but I have not even heard of it until I saw it available as a free PS Plus download back in July. My doubt is whether this game would’ve achieved this popularity if it was part of the Instant Game Collection on the Free PSN Codes. It is possible but nobody knows.

Anyway, it is good to see that Sony is actually putting some effort to meet fans demands and to offer the runners up some discount. I really hope that by adding this option the PS Plus monthly choices will not affect the quality of the game splayed and that the voting system is not placed only for show. Well, only time will tell.

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