Expecting Six Japanese PSone Imports to become available on PSN

In their announcement on the Playstation Blog, Gunho Online Entertainment revealed that they will be porting six Japanese PSone classics to PSN. Even though the majority of the western players cannot read and comprehend Japanese, having no translation does not mean we cannot enjoy good import. According to the studio, some of the imports will be more “import-friendly” than others and they will offer a lot of enjoyment even with the language barrier.

It is no doubt that the easiest game to play from these titles would probably be Dragon Beat Legend of Pinball, mostly because of its need to know text that is already designed in English. And knowing that it is a pinball game, it is no rocket science to realize that this game does not actually need translations to begin with.

On the other side, Neo Planet which is detailed space-flight simulator game in which your goal is to terra-form new planet to become humanity’s second home (second Earth). This game features a lot of Japanese text, so it appears that it is a game for people who understand Japanese well.

Six Japanese PSone

Another title, Sarara’s Little Shop is also recommended for players with good Japanese language skills. In this game you are controlling a traditional RPG item shop where you need to make good financial decisions and make profit while trying to outwit your challengers. And it is recommended for Japanese speakers because it is a simulation game that has a lot RPG components.

The next game, Heroine Dream 1-2 is from the old School RPG games which feature a lot Kanji characters and it requires good understanding of the Japanese language.

The PSone import games will be available at $5.99 on the PSN Codes which is exactly the same price as with the previous releases of GungHo Online Entertainment.

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